I am back with one of my successful experimental dish Coca Cola Chicken. The first time I created this recipe and shared with people I got awesome feedback from many of those who tried the recipe. Gradually with time I recreated the recipe and it got even better.

Slightly spicy and sweet in taste, if you love chinese cuisine I am sure you will love this recipe.

This can be prepared with just few simple ingredients easily available to us and served it garnished with white sesame and coriander leaves.


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I have a recipe of pork with coco cola too ‘Pork in Coca Cola Reduction’ which is also a superhit and a also one of winning recipe. I will be sharing the recipe here soon. So keep watching this space.

So guys do try this unique recipe and share your thoughts about the recipe with me.


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Well, if you make this coca cola chicken, please do leave a feedback in the comments box below or snap a photo and tag Akum Raj Jamir on Facebook and akumrajjamir on Instagram with hashtag #atmykitchen. I would love to see your creations. Now let’s jump to the recipe.

  • Preparation time : 10 mins
  • Cooking time :20-25 mins
  • Servings : 3

Ingredients to make Coca Cola Chicken:

  • Chicken – 300-350 gms
  • Coca Cola – 1½ – 2 cups as required
  • Oil – 1 tbsp
  • Ginger – 1 inch chopped finely
  • Garlic – 3-4 chopped finely
  • Soya sauce – 2 tbsp
  • Dry Red Chillies – 3-4 whole
  • Chilly flakes – 2 tbsp
  • Pepper cracked – 1 tsp
  • Cashewnuts – 2 tbsp roasted
  • White sesame – 1 tbsp
  • Few chopped coriander leaves for garnish
  • Salt to taste

How to make Coca Cola Chicken:

In a pan heat oil. Add the chicken pieces and salt to taste. Saute them over medium heat till the chicken changes it colour for about 5-10 mins.

Add the chilly flakes and cook for few mins.

Pour the coca cola over the chicken. The chicken should get emerged nicely in the coco cola. Bring to boil for 2-3 mins.

Add the dry red chillies, ginger, garlic, pepper and soya sauce. Cover the pan and cook on medium heat till the moisture evaporates completely and the coca cola caramalised.

Add the roasted cashewnuts, stir and mix well and saute for a min or two and take off the heat.

Garnish with white sesame seeds and chopped coriander leaves and serve.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I hope you liked the recipe. Your valuable feedbacks are always welcome, I love hearing from you guys and always do my best to respond to each and every one of you.

Happy cooking!

❤ Akum

About Akum Raj Jamir

Hello Everyone.. I am Akum Raj Jamir. I am a Naga Lady born and bought up from Nagaland. Married to a Tamilian and settled in Chennai now.  I worked in hotel industry for 3 years and later I shifted to corporate sector and worked in US based MNC companies. In January 2014 I was blessed with a baby boy and that it when I decided to quit my job and give me full time for him as well as the home. Now I am a homemaker ☺.  I started cooking at the very small age. We sisters used to help mom in the kitchen and followed the foot step of my mom and that's how I developed my cooking skills. A foodie by nature and a passionate cook, loves everything about food. Cooking is my passion. I love experimenting with food in my kitchen and try to bring the best in whatever I cook. I cook with all my heart and soul and this love is evident in the dishes I cook.  I believe in sharing a lot thus whatever I cook I share with fellow friends and my fan followings. So this space is all about food from my kitchen for foodies like me. Explore the recipes ☺

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  1. Hey dear I always go through your recipes and your ones are mostly very simple and easy to cook. Thank you for your instant recipes and keep cooking and letting us know. Lots of love.

  2. Wow. .just love it ..I ‘ll definitely try ..your recipes are so unique yet so simple …I always admire your presentation ….

  3. Hey Akum, you know I have been a fan of your cooking. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  4. This is awesome… can feel the sweety n spicy taste… sHall make this soon😊😊

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