One Pot Chicken And Rice / Chicken And Rice Porridge

This is a simple and easy one-pot chicken and rice recipe. A scrumptious and soulful meal. Chicken cooked with rice, bamboo shoot, few veggies and flavoured ginger, garlic and sichuan pepper. A very delicious and comforting dish.

One pot chicken and rice is a zero oil dish. It is a naga style porridge. It is an easy peasy recipe that calls for minimum ingredients and is ready in less than 30 minutes.

This chicken and rice porridge can be had as a quick lunch or dinner. It is a bowl of comfort any time of the day. A perfect meal with easy to make accompaniment like aloo pitika/mashed potato, raja mircha chutney, king chilly pickle, dry prawns chutney, smoked pork axone pickle, pork pickle, beef pickle, centella asiatica (pennywort) chutney, meghalayan pork salad, yardlong beans salad etc.

This dish of rice which is simmered until it begins to dissolve in a flavorful broth with chunks of chicken could not be more comforting and warming, making it a favourite of all age group.

Porridges like this one are popular in many Asian cultures with variation of their own and is known by different names.


Rice porridge is something which is common in every Naga household. The recipe varries which each household and so there are couple of versions according to the tribe. Rice porridge is made often at our house. It’s comfort food for many. It is also served when someone is not well or to sick people. Mom used to make this and feed us whenever we are not feeling well. It is believe that rice porridge is easier to digest when one is not well. However rice porridge is common among the Asians and is a comfort food for them.


What makes a good chicken and rice porridge? And the answer is the rice and the chicken. The best porridge is made using local rice and country chicken. Using county/local chicken gives the best broth which makes the porridge more delicious, flavorful and healthier too. Same goes with the rice. Local rice gives a soft and silky smooth porridge.


YES… If you’re vegetarian, you can definitely try making it with some vegetable broth along with some vegetables. And if you’re not a vegan than you will drizzle some ghee on top before serving the porridge which will enhance the flavor and taste of the porridge.


Here I’ve added the rice directly after washing it. But the alternate cooking method is that you can wash the rice and soak the rice for few minutes. Drain the rice nicely and pound them in mortar and pestle or coarsely grind them in grinder or mixie, just few pulse is enough. You don’t need to ground them finely. Once the rice is coarse ground add them into the pan and cook along with the chicken. This will make the cooking time less and the dish will be ready in lesser amount of time.


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All of these recipes are super easy to prepare, ready in no time, and will never disappoint you.

Let’s move on to the step by step picture recipe to make one pot chicken and rice recipe at the comfort of your home. Please do share your thoughts about the recipe with me here.

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 25-30 minutes
Serves: 3

☆ Measuring cup used is 240 ml

Ingredients to make one-pot chicken rice:

1 cup Rice
250-300 gms Chicken
2 chilly chopped
1 inch ginger
6-7 Garlic
¼ cup squash cubed
¼ cup carrot cubed
1 tbsp bamboo shoot
6-7 cups water or as required
Salt to taste
¼ tsp sichuan peppercorns crushed (optional)

Step by step pictures instructions to make one pot chicken and rice:

In a mortal pestle coarsely ground the ginger and garlic and keep aside.

In a pot add the chicken, chilly and rice. Pour about 4-5 cups of water and bring to boil.

Add salt and Cook for 10-15 minutes.

Add bamboo Shoot and continue to cook till the rice turns soft and some rice turns slightly mushy.

Keep adding warm water as required in between the cooking. It might take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Add the veggies and cook for about 5 minutes. Add water if required and adjust the consistency. It shouldn’t dry up. The consistency should be somewhat like a porridge.

Add the ground ginger garlic and cook for about 2 minutes.

Add crushed sichuan peppercorns if using, give a quick stir and take off the heat.

Serve hot as it is or with any chutney or accompaniment.


● If you have chicken broth/stock you can use them which will impart more flavor.
● Porridge tends to thicken as it get colder, simply thin it by adding a little more water or chicken broth.
● Chilly can be minus or added more as per one’s preference.
● Sichuan peppercorns is optional.
● You can add green leaves like mustard leaves, spinach, cabbage etc.
● Adjust the porridge consistency as per your preference.
● If you are not using bamboo shoot, you can add a tomato.

Well, if you make this one pot chicken and rice recipe please do leave a feedback in the comments box below or snap a photo and tag Akum Raj Jamir on Facebook and akumrajjamir on Instagram with hashtag #atmykitchen. I would love to see your creations.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I hope you liked the recipe. Your valuable feedbacks are always welcome, I love hearing from you guys and always do my best to respond to each and every one of you.

Happy cooking!

Love Akum


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