Homemade mango jam recipe/How to make easy mango jam/ 3 ingredients mango jam recipe

The king of fruits is in season and the market is flooded with Mangoes. So like every year today I have made the very favourite Mango Jam. This is a tried and tested recipe and emensely loved by many. I love making this recipe more than savouring it.

This homemade mango jam is a super easy recipe with just 3 ingredients and it just takes less than 20 mins to make this easy mango jam. It has the perfect sweetness from the combination of mangoes and sugar and a little twist of tanginess from the lemon juice.

My son is a big fan of jams and mango being one of his favourite he loves this mango jam a lot. More than applying in bread, rotis or topping up in desserts he loves to lick the jam as it is 😜. In my home this jam doesn’t last for long as it finishes off in jiffy.

This homemade mango jam is very much better as compared to the market bought. No pectin, no preservatives and no artificial colour, just 3 ingredients and your finger licking delicious jam is ready. It taste divine and the flavour is amazing.

This delectable mango jam can be used in your various daily cookings. This can be served as a toppings in pancakes or any desserts, can be had as fillings in bread, toast, sandwiches, rotis etc. This can also be used in your cakes and cookies to give a mango flavour to your bakes. Try this mango jam in Berry Jam Cake by replacing the berry jam with this mango jam. Apart from everything I would love to have it just like that to kill my sweet carvings 😁.


Keep a plate in the fridge preferably in freezer for faster chilling. Once the jam thickens, add a small portion of the jam to the chilled plate. The mix will cool down immediately. Tilt the plate, if the jam stays where it is then it is perfect. But if it starts dripping, it indicates that it still needs further cooking.


You can add a dash of cardamom to add extra flavor the jam.

You can add minced ginger to make ginger mango jam.

You can also use other spice like nutmeg powder, or mix spice powder to make a spiced mango jam.

You can also make the popular Habanero Mango Jam by adding a few whole habenero chillies along with mangoes.

Instead of regular sugar you can use palm sugar, powdered jaggery, cane sugar, honey etc


The colour and flavor of the jam greatly depends on the quality of mango. Use ripe and flavorful mangoes that are pulpy and with less strings.

Lemon juice acts as natural preservative, so use lemon to increase the shelf life of homemade jam, spreads etc.

Recommend to refrigerate the jam as we are not using any preservative.

Always use clean and dry spoon whenever serving the jam.

Make sure the bottle is clean and dry before storing. You can also use sterilized jars if you prefer.


The right setting temperature for Mango Jam is 105 Celsius/220 Fahrenheit.


Store the jam in a sterilized airtight jar in refrigerator. It stays good for atleast a month in refrigerator and atleast upto 3 months in freezer.

You can follow standard canning process and can the mango jam for longer shelf life upto a year.


Can be served as a toppings in desserts.

Can be served with bread, toast, pancakes, waffles.

Can be used as a filling in sandwiches, rotis, buns, bread rolls, layer cakes, cheese cake etc.

Can also be used in your cakes and cookies to give a mango flavour to your bakes.

You can also have it as it is for your sweet carvings.

Can also use in making jam milkshake.


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All of the above recipes are super easy to prepare, ready in no time, and will never disappoint you.

So lets move on to the recipe. Do try out this easy and lovely jam recipe at home and please do share your thoughts about the recipe with me.

I also made a simple recipe video for homemade mango jam which I’ve shared below. If you enjoy watching these videos, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to be notified every time I publish a video! Also it will mean a lot and motivate me to come up with more videos for my readers. As always looking forward to your feedbacks!

  • Preparation time : 5 mins
  • Cooking time : 10-12 mins
  • Serves : Makes 300 gms

Ingredients to make 3 Ingredients Mango Jam:

  • 2 large riped Mangoes (approx 700 gms)
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice

How to make 3 Ingredients Mango Jam:

  • Peel the mangoes and roughly chop them.
  • Add the chopped mangoes in a mixer jar and blend them into a smooth puree.
  • In a non stick saucepan add the mango puree, sugar and cook for 10-12 mins in medium flame stirring it continously till the jam turns thick.
  • Remove the jam from heat and allow it to cool down completely.
  • Add the lemon juice, stir and mix well.
  • Transfer the jam in a sterilized glass jar. Use a clean spoon on every servings.

Well, if you make this easy mango jam, please do leave a feedback in the comments box below or snap a photo and tag Akum Raj Jamir on Facebook and akumrajjamir on Instagram with hashtag #atmykitchen. I would love to see your creations.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I hope you liked the recipe. Your valuable feedbacks are always welcome, I love hearing from you guys and always do my best to respond to each and every one of you.

Happy cooking!

Love Akum


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