This cool and refreshing watermelon fizz is a perfect drink to quench your thirst on hot summer days! It’s a super easy to make this refreshing drink. The hot and scorching heat weather makes us crave something cool and refreshing to drink. This refreshing watermelon fizz really hits the spot!

It’s made with juicy ripe watermelon, fresh lemon, mint, honey, ginger and club soda. Served over ice garnished with fresh mint leaf and watermelon cubes. It’s like summer in a glass! A perfect summer drink for watermelon lovers.

Watermelon fizz is a refreshing drink to beat the scorching heat. I am so obsessed with this summer drink and always crave for it when it comes to a hot sunny day. If you haven’t tried it, do try it and I am sure you too will be obsessed and will start craving for it during hot summer. This easy watermelon fizz will be your new summer go to drink. It’s so fresh and delicious!


This watermelon fizz is just a perfect party drink for all occasions. Specially it makes a perfect drink for any kids party since it is alcohol free. Overall, a perfect summer drink to quench your thirst during hot summer days. It’s a gorgeous looking drink with beautiful colour from the watermelon, tangy from the lime juice, mild sweetness from honey, freshness and flavor from mint, extra zing from ginger and bubbly from the soda water.

Adding sugar is optional.


Mint and watermelon is one of the most refreshing and perfect combo. In a way this combo is not just a summer flavour. watermelon fizz is not only a summer drink. It ain’t just a summer drink served on summer days.

This can turn into a fabulous party drink for adults or grown-ups by adding gin or vodka or any of your favourite alcohol giving it a cocktail twist. It’s fresh, boozy and so droolicious. Try it!

It’s so refreshing and bubbly and is totally appropriate for any kind of gatheringsx occasions and family get togethers like baby shower, birthday party, anniversary party, kids party aka bacha party, bridal shower etc.

That beautiful vibrant colour just brightens up the mood instantly! I bet you will surely fall in love wih it. Hope this watermelon punch makes it to your menu and get impressed from your guest.


This fabulous drink is ridiculously easy to make. Start by chopping up 5 cups of fresh watermelon. Add to a blender along with honey, lemon juice, sugar and blend until smooth. Taste it to see if it’s sweet enough. If not, add sweetener as per your taste. Pour the mixture into a jar or bowl. Add crushed mint leaves and crushed ginger slices. Refrigerate for atleast 20-30 minutes. Remove them from the refrigerator and strain the mixture. Pour the watermelon juice into serving glass. Pour the club soda over the juice. Add watermelon cubes, ice cubes and garnish with mint leaves. Your fabulous watermelon fizz is ready. Your guests will love this delicious beverage!


Here after blending the watermelon and the other ingredients, I have refrigerated the mixture for few minutes to serve it chilled. To avoid that refrigerating part and save time, you can use freezed watermelon. Freezing them ahead of time is really a great idea and very helpful during summer days, to make any refreshing drink for sudden carvings and even to serve refreshing drinks for sudden guest coming in.

Cut the watermelon into cubes and store it in a ziploc pouch or freezer safe container. When you want to serve this watermelon fizz just take them out of the freezer and blend them along with the other ingredients. Serve them with ice cubes.


● Soda water may be substituted with any sparkling water or carbonated drinks with lemon flavors like sprite, 7up, limca, mountain dew etc.
● You can give it a cocktail twist by adding gin, vodka, tequila or any of your favourite alcohol.
● You can add honey or sugar for giving a mild sweetness. You can use anyone one of them. I used both.
● You may use ginger ale here. Just opt out ginger and soda water and use ginger ale in place of those ingredients.
● You may use agave syrup as a sweetener.


● Watermelon is packed with antioxidants.
● Watermelon keeps you hydrated.
● Watermelon may boost exercise performance.
● Watermelon is linked to good heart health.
● Watermelon is tied to a lower risk of cancer.
For detailed information, refer this article from livestrong.

When it is super hot, sipping something refreshing and fruity with an extra zing is just what is needed. So pull up your selves and make this hydrating watermelon punch which is ridiculously easy to make and ready in just 10 minutes. It is such a delightful drink that leaves you feeling energized and replenished.


Non-Alcoholic Sangria
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Watermelon Pineapple Summer Salad

All of the above recipes are super easy to prepare, ready in no time, and will never disappoint you.

So let’s get started with the recipe on how to make this hydrating watermelon fizz at the comfort of your own home.

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: nil
Serves: 4

☆ Measuring cup used is 240 ml

Ingredients to make watermelon fizz:

5 cups watermelon seeded and cubed
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp sugar or as required (optional)
5-6 mint leaves crushed
3-4 ginger slices
3 cups club soda/sparkling water
Few mint Sprigs for garnish
Few watermelon cubes for garnish
Ice cubes as required

Step by step pictorial instructions to make watermelon fizz:

In a blender add the cubed watermelon, honey, lemon juice, sugar and blend them until smooth.

Pour the mixture in a jar or bowl, add crushed mint leaves, crushed ginger slices.

Refrigerate for atleast 20-30 minutes. This step is optional.

Remove from refrigerator and strain them.

Pour the watermelon juices in serving glass and pour club soda over the juice. If using alcohol add at this stage.

Serve your refreshing watermelon fizz immediately top wih ice cubes, watermelon cubes, garnished with mint sprig.

● If you are using other carbonated drink like sprite, limca, 7up etc in place of plain soda water, you need not add more sweetener since these drinks are already sweetened.
● Use freezed watermelon to skip the refrigerating part or just serve it with ice cubes.
● You may use agave syrup or any simple sugar syrup as a sweetener.
● Using sweetener is optional if your watermelon is sweet enough.

Well, if you make this easy watermelon fizz, please do leave a feedback in the comments box below or snap a photo and tag Akum Raj Jamiron Facebook and akumrajjamir on Instagram with hashtag#atmykitchen. I would love to see your creations.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I hope you liked the recipe. Your valuable feedbacks are always welcome, I love hearing from you guys and always do my best to respond to each and every one of you.

Happy cooking!

Love Akum

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