Milk cake recipe/ How to make traditional Indian milk cake /Kalakand recipe 

Milk cake also known as kalakand is a traditional Indian cake prepared with milk and sugar. It is an Indian sweet dessert recipe prepared by evaporating the milk with sugar and lemon is used to solidify and get a grainy texture to the cake. It is flavoured with cardamom powder and garnished with finely chopped Pistachios which is optional.

This delectable dessert is a favourite dessert of many Indians. It is prepared in any festival, special occasions and religious events across India.

There is an instant version of the milk cake which can be prepared using paneer and condensed milk.

This exotic sweet is so rich, delicious and mouthwatering. And it super simple and easy to make with few ingredients. So why buy outside when you can easily make at home. Try this simple easy recipe of milk cake, you will love it. So lets hear the recipe.

  • Preparation time : 1 hour
  • Cooking time : 1 hour
  • Serves :4

Ingredients :

  • 1½ litre full fat milk
  • ½ cup Sugar (you can add few tbsps more, I have used as per my preference)
  • 1 tbsp Lemon juice
  • 1 tsp Ghee
  • Few pistachios finely chopped

Method :

  • In a heavy bottom vessel add the milk.
  • Bring the milk to a boil on high heat. Once the milk comes to a boil reduce the heat to medium.
  • Continue to boil the milk in medium heat by stirring it occasionally.
  • Boil the milk till it reaches ⅓ quantity.
  • Add the lemon juice and leave it for a min, do not stir.
  • Add sugar and continue to boil the milk stirring in between.
  • The milk will thicken and colour will become golden brown.
  • Keep stirring frequently towards the last till it starts to leave the side of the vessel.
  • Add cardamom powder and stir for a min or two and take off the heat.
  • Grease a vessel/bowl with ghee to set the milk cake.
  • Transfer the mixture to the greased vessel /bowl. Spread it evenly and firmly press it.
  • Refrigerate for atleast 1 hour or till the cake is set well.
  • Demould it, garnish with pistachios, cut and serve.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you like the recipe. Please do leave your valuable feedbacks, I would love to have hear from you all. Happy cooking 😀


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